Are you one of millions of Business owners that occasionally need to monitor your business while you are away? Are you a business owner who needs to have close eye on your business as small errors from employees can cost you a lot? Are you a business owner who has been having theft or service issues at your place of business and would like to identify the reasons?

Are you a business owner who is concerned about insurance claims and/or safety/security of your customers and employees? Are you one of millions of Americans that occasionally need to leave their children at home unattended while you go to work?

Do you have elderly family members who need constant monitoring?

NETEYE provides new solutions to life's everyday obstacles, while dramatically increasing the safety & security of your business, home and family.

Business Owners now can monitor their business more closely to identify factors which are costing them money, decline in business, frustration, and increased insurance claims.

Parents can now look at their cell phone display and see what their children are doing at home. Siblings can now share in the monitoring elderly family members.

In today’s business or in personal life, we like to be well informed. Being informed is one thing, being informed correctly is another. With Neteye, your information is always correct because “Seeing is believing”.